Wolfpack One Online

Manage your AllCampus and University Dining accounts here!

  • View your AllCampus and/or meal plan account activity
  • Make deposits to your AllCampus account via our secure server
  • Set low-balance alerts
  • Provide guest access for a parent or guardian

Accounts are accessed through the Wolfpack One ID Card, available to all NC State students, faculty, staff, affiliates, and certain other categories.

Logging in to this portal just got easier!

For Faculty, Staff and Students: Starting Monday May 13, you will be able to log into this portal using your UnityID and password just like so many other resources on campus! Use the Log In Here link at left.
For Parents and Guests: Your login process will remain exactly the same. Use the Guest Login link at left.

NOTE TO PARENTS: Because of student privacy laws, your student may choose to allow you to view their campus card accounts by registering here and then granting you access once they are logged in. NC State University cannot grant you access to your student's campus card information.

This site is specifically designed to manage the AllCampus account and campus meal plan program. To learn more about the other features associated with the card visit the Wolfpack One Card website